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Telltale Signs of Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma can cause a range of painful symptoms in your foot, which can make going about your daily life difficult. Addressing your symptoms with proper treatment can go far.

Dec 12th, 2021
The Importance of Stretching

Stretching can be just as important as cardiovascular exercise for your health. It can also make or break your ability to stay strong and uninjured, and help you heal from existing injuries.

Oct 13th, 2021
Have You Had a Computerized Foot Analysis?

If you struggle with foot pain and haven’t yet had a computerized foot analysis, you may want to schedule one stat. This imaging test allows your specialist to better care for your feet and keep you more stable moving forward.

Sep 8th, 2021
How Does Sedative Stretching Work?

Sedative stretching is a bit like exercises in your sleep. While you’re in a “twilight” state, your provider stretches and massages joints in the treatment area in therapeutic ways, inviting mighty benefits.

Aug 15th, 2021
Can Arthritis Cause Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be as uncomfortable as it is common and arthritis is a leading cause. Early diagnosis and treatment for your neck pain can help you get the relief you need.

Jun 22nd, 2021
How to Manage Plantar Fasciitis

There’s little like the stabbing foot and heel pain of plantar fasciitis. Thankfully, a range of conservative medical treatments and lifestyle changes can help reduce your symptoms.

May 13th, 2021
Treatment for Your Sports Injury

Sports injuries can range from mild annoyance to intense pain and difficulty functioning. Regardless of the type and severity of your sports injury, seeking proper treatment is important.

Mar 17th, 2021
The Benefits of Stretching

Stretching can enhance your well-being in a variety of ways, from reduced pain and increased range of motion to reduced stress and fatigue. Read on to learn how working with a qualified professional can enhance these benefits for you.

Feb 8th, 2021
How PRP Can Help Your Osteoarthritis

The pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis can make going about your daily life difficult. Thankfully, minimally-invasive PRP therapy can help, especially as part of a treatment plan aimed at reducing joint damage and lowering inflammation.

Jan 20th, 2021
What to Do When a Wound Won’t Heal

Do you have a wound that’s healing slower than you’d like? Our bodies work hard to fight these wounds, but sometimes it just can’t get the job done. Keep reading to learn how laser therapy and regenerative medicine can help heal your wound faster.

Oct 14th, 2020
How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Headaches

Is headache pain disrupting your life? If traditional treatments aren’t helping, or if you prefer a safe and effective therapy that doesn’t come with the side effects medication can bring, physical therapy could be for you. Read on to learn more.

Sep 9th, 2020
Why Choose Decompression Therapy for Your Back Pain?

At last, a noninvasive solution to chronic back pain associated with spinal stenosis is available. Learn how spinal decompression therapy creates space in your spinal canal to bring you long-lasting relief.

Aug 13th, 2020
The Amazing Healing Power of Laser Therapy

When it comes to healing, your body works at its own pace, leaving you to struggle with pain and limitations in the meantime. Thanks to cutting-edge laser therapy, we can speed healing and relieve your pain.

Jul 17th, 2020
How do I use heat or ice for back pain?

Typically, you will use ice on newer injuries and heat for more chronic conditions. However most back conditions, even chronic ones, are constantly being re-aggravated or re-injured from daily activities.

Nov 19th, 2013
About Dr. Johnson

Jeffery Paul Johnson, D.C. has practiced in Venice, Florida since 1986. His practice is focused on treating patients who are not responding with conventional treatments including chiropractic, physical therapy, steroidal injections, pain management...

Oct 1st, 2013
Escape From Pain in Venice, FL

Fran’s severe pain was building. “First, I suffered whiplash from an automobile accident a couple of decades ago,” recounts Fran, “and then I threw a Christmas tree at my husband and knocked five vertebras out in my back.”

Aug 6th, 2013
How Manipulation Under Sedation can help with pain?

Jadynne says that, over time, a lack of exercise combined with weight gain began causing her back problems. “I think it was in May of 2007, just after we re­turned to our home in Minnesota from Florida, that I realized how bad it had gotten,” ...

Jul 6th, 2013