Have You Had a Computerized Foot Analysis?

Have You Had a Computerized Foot Analysis?

Foot pain can be quite an inconvenience. And just as an entire building can suffer from the bottom floor having structural damage, issues with your feet can impact your whole body and daily life. It’s also very common, affecting most people at some point. 

The expert team at Johnson Medical Center in Venice, Florida, can diagnose the root cause of your foot pain and recommend effective treatment based on your needs and condition. This process often involves computerized foot analysis. Read on to learn about this helpful test and how it might benefit you.

How computerized foot analysis works

During your computerized foot analysis, your feet are scanned in special equipment that allows your provider to pinpoint any irregularities in the structure of your feet. For example, the test can help determine or assess common issues such as flat feet and pronation that can contribute to pain and injury. 

We then send the data produced by the analysis to a highly advanced manufacturer who will create custom orthotics suited to the specific shape and needs of your feet.

When to consider computerized foot analysis 

When you visit our office because of foot pain, the Johnson Medical Center team will address your pain and inflammation first. We often use laser therapy to quickly improve these symptoms. 

Once your pain has been treated, we focus on preventing future flare ups and keeping your gait and walk as healthy as possible moving forward. At that point, we may recommend a computerized foot analysis.

Depending on the specifics of your condition, we might also suggest physical therapy or rehabilitation treatments for lasting comfort and strength and to avoid injuries. Your computer foot analysis data will provide helpful information for these treatments too.

Getting the support you need

If you’re experiencing foot pain, ignoring it isn’t wise. A survey done by the American Podiatric Medical Association, involving 1,000 adults in the United States, showed that while 77% of Americans experience foot pain, only around 30% of those people seek out expert care. 

This can be highly problematic, given that many foot issues get progressively worse without treatment or support. 

On the positive side, most causes of foot pain are very treatable. Common conditions that we’re adept at treating include:

To learn more about computerized foot analysis or to get the diagnostics or care you need for your foot pain, call our office or request an appointment online today. 

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