How Manipulation Under Sedation can help with pain?

Jadynne says that, over time, a lack of exercise combined with weight gain began causing her back problems.

“I think it was in May of 2007, just after we re­turned to our home in Minnesota from Florida, that I realized how bad it had gotten,” remembers Jadynne. “I couldn’t walk upstairs. I was terribly limited in my mobility.”

Jadynne scheduled an appointment with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

“After putting me through MRIs and CT scans, they suggested I go into physical therapy, which I did for several months,” recalls Jadynne, “but I didn’t re­ally see any improvement.”

By the time Jadynne and her husband returned to Florida in September, she couldn’t walk.

“At that point my pain was just unbearable, so I asked a friend if she knew of a chiropractor,” says Jadynne. “I had never even been to one before, but when she recommended Dr. Johnson, I scheduled an appointment.

“That was in October, and while I wasn’t yet wheel­chair bound, I was close.”

Dr. Johnson treated Jadynne with conventional chiropractic treatments for a few months before recom­mending MUS.

“I wasn’t at all sure about MUS, so I phoned my doctor at the Mayo Clinic,” recounts Jadynne, “and when he didn’t try to dissuade me, I decided to go ahead with it.

“At the end of the third treatment, I got up and gave Dr. Johnson a hug. I just couldn’t believe I al­ready felt that much better. But at the same time, once the pain was gone, I realized how much strength I’d lost in my arms and legs.”

Johnson Medical Center has relationships with personal trainers who can teach Dr. Johnson’s patients how to strengthen their core muscles following MUS.

“I’m now working with a trainer,” acknowledges Jadynne, “and I don’t think I’ve ever felt as good as I do right nowhow .” FHCN–Kris Kline

Jeff Johnson

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