I was taking four medications a day, and now I’m not taking any

Ever since Terri was involved in an automobile accident in 2004, she had been suffering with unrelenting pain.

“At work I couldn’t walk across our campus,” recalls the high school English and debate teacher, “and at home I couldn’t even do simple things like picking something up off the floor. I would have to lower myself down, pick up the item, and then pull myself back up.”

Terri says she tried everything: “I had acupuncture, traditional chiropractic treatment, steroid injections, therapeutic massage, pain management, prescribed medications, and traction, but nothing gave me any more than temporary relief.

“Then fortunately, during my chiropractic treatments with Dr. Johnson, he recognized that I might be a good candidate for MUS.”

Terri admits she was a little apprehensive about having sedation: “I know people get really nervous about that, but honestly, only thirty minutes elapsed from the time they took me back for each treatment until I opened my eyes. There was absolutely no pain involved, and no after effect.

“It was like I took a really good nap. And Dr. Johnson is one of the best doctors of any practice that I’ve ever had. Not only does he take his work very seriously, but he takes each one of his patients very seriously as well. I always feel like I am his only patient. When he is with me, I have one hundred percent of his attention.”

Terri had her MUS treatments in July of 2007.

“It’s difficult to describe how well it has worked for me,” she says. “I was taking four medications a day, and now I’m not taking any. I can walk with ease, go up and down stairs, bend over and touch the floor, traverse the campus, and walk for pleasure, all basic everyday living that I wasn’t able to do before.

“Dr. Johnson is an amazing doctor.” FHCN–Kris Kline

Jeff Johnson

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